Version 1.3.1 Available in Store

Version 1.3.1, which includes th patch to fix the bug found in version 1.3, is now ready for download from the app store. Please update asap to receive the patch. Thanks again for all the feedback, which allowed me to quickly find and correct the issue.

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2 Responses to Version 1.3.1 Available in Store

  1. Phillip Nelson says:

    This is kinda of like another app I have called skate it. But in that app you can and pic or short videos to the locations you add. That would be cool if you could do that with this app.

    • john says:

      The ability to add pictures related to the places on the map was actually part of the first prototype I wrote. I decided to remove this feature before the public release because I didn’t want to be held accountable for the pictures people post. Also I was told the app would need to be rated “17 and up” if I was going to allow this. I still haven’t ruled it completely out of the picture for a future release but I’m hesitant right now. Thanks for the suggestions!

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