Version 1.1 Has Been Approved

Version 1.1 was approved and added to the app store at 3:00pm CST today. Check the Instructions page for instructions on using the new review feature.

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2 Responses to Version 1.1 Has Been Approved

  1. Jeff says:

    I tried to create a pin drop location. I entered the following in the description and clicked the save button. It gives the error that i have to enter a description?!?! Park in the empty lot across from the casino. Follow the road east toward the prison and turn South. Along the way, you’ll see trails all over.  A lot of up and down trails, so they are fun, but can wear you out after a while.  

    You can follow the powerlines all the way past several operating mines to the dry lake bed on the other side of the mountains.  

    On the way back, make sure to not accidentally take the trail to the side of the prison.  They have a tendancy not to like visitors driving their ATV’s through their driveway.  They dont have anything posted, but i guess they dont expect anyone coming through a trail that way.  

    Anyway, lots of fun for fall/winter driving.  Too hot in summer!

    • john says:

      Jeff, thanks for notifying me of this. Your complaint uncovered two problems. One was that I wasn’t allowing line-breaks in the description field, the other was that I was only allowing 500 characters for a description and yours was 706. I’ve fixed both of these issues now and luckily they were “server-side” so they won’t even require an app update. Let me know if you still have problems and thanks again for the feedback!

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